Album Name -  Yessongs

Produced by:  Yes and Eddie Offord
Label:  Atlantic Recording Corporation - 1973
Catalog # - SD 3-100

Jon Anderson- lead vocals
Chris Squire- bass guitar & vocals
Steve Howe- guitars and vocals
Rick Wakeman- keyboards
Alan White- drums & percussion (all songs except three listed below)
Bill Bruford- drums & percussion (Long Distace Runaround; The Fish; Perpetual Change)

Side I Side II
Opening - [3:45]
(Excerpt from "Firebird Suite")
Perpetual Change - [14:08]
Siberian Khatru - [8:50] And You & I - [9:55]
Heart Of The Sunrise - [11:26]
Side I Side II
Mood For the Day - [2:52] Your Move/All Good People - [7:00]
Excerpts from "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII" - [6:35] Long Distance Runaround/The Fish - [13:45]
Roundabout - [8:33]
Side I Side II
Close To The Edge - [18:41] Yours Is No Disgrace - [14:21]
Starship Trooper - [9:25]

Back Cover Artwork from "Yessongs"

Inside Cover Artwork from "Yessongs"

Inside Cover Artwork from "Yessongs"

Inside Cover Artwork from "Yessongs"

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Thanks For Visiting And Be Sure To Tell All Your Friends. This is their best "Live Album". It was recorded in 1973 and includes all their great classic works and two specials by Rick Wakeman. This is the must have live album to feel and hear the awesome classic sounds of "YES" live.

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