Welcome to the the Yes Music Collection CD Order Page. I am now offering two different Yes Music CD's based from the Yes Album days in 1971 through to Drama, which was released in 1980. Yes has some of the most interesting and relaxing progressive rock sounds ever produced. No band since has ever even come close to replicating their music. It is totally unique featuring Jon Anderson's lead vocals and who happens to do most of the song writing along with one of the greatest keyboard and symphazizer players ever in Rick Wakeman. Add the likes of Steve Howe and Chris Squire and the sounds of Yes will make you a fan forever. Some of their songs tell a complete story focusing on nature and the future of our Earth. So I focused one CD, titled "Yes Longest Hits" on some of these styled songs. The CD includes: Close To the Edge, The Gates Of Delerium, to name of few and both of which are 20 minutes in length each. The greatest hits CD includes the classics: Roundabout, I've Seen All Good People, Wondorous Stories and Starship Trooper to name a few.

Both CD's are worth your purchase and if you love Yes enough, perhaps you should consider the complete Yes MP3 collection featuring every studio album starting from Yes (1969), Time And A Word (1970), Tormato (1978) through to the Big Generator (1987) with every well-know album in between. The ones such as Fragile, Relayer and Drama to name just 3 others. You get 85 total songs, all tagged with album art, some very unique too and all songs are of the highest-quality available. Most importantly, these songs are already to be added to your mp3 player including all apple and android devices. No need to reformat or add I.D. tags or even make adjustments to the volume. I already spent the time on making these songs perfect for your listening. The CD's and MP3's are the actual songs recorded by Yes, not the MIDI files included on this website. A unique classic rock vision with these CD's as your purchase will also help in the financing of this site and to keep alive the art & sounds of Yes.

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