Album Name -  Union

Produced by one or more of the following: 
Jonathan Elias; Steve Howe, Trevor Rabin,
Mark Mancina, Eddie Offord

Label:  Arista Records - 1991
Catalog # - AL 8643

Jon Anderson- lead vocals
Chris Squire- bass guitar & vocals
Steve Howe- guitars and vocals
Trevor Rabin- guitars and vocals
Tony Kaye- keyboards
Rick Wakeman- keyboards
Bill Bruford- drums & percussion
Alan White- drums & percussion

side one side two
I Would Have Waited Forever
- [6:33]
Miracle Of Life - [7:30]
Shock To The System - [5:08] Silent Talking - [4:00]
Masquerade - [2:17] The More We Live - Let Go - [4:54]
Lift Me Up - [6:30] Angkor Wat - [5:23]
Without Hope You Cannot Start The Day - [5:18] Dangerous - [3:38]
(Look In The Light Of What You're Searching For)
Saving My Heart - [4:41] Holding On - [5:24]
Evensong - [0:51]
Take The Water To The Mountain - [4:29]

Missing MIDI songs: Only songs in full: "Evensong", "Masquerade", "Lift Me Up",
"The More We Live" and "I Would Have Waited Forever". The rest are missing or incomplete.

Front Cover Artwork on "Union"

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Thanks For Visiting And Be Sure To Tell All Your Friends. To me, this was the very last Yes album, though technically Open Your Eyes really is now. When they say Union, they meant renuion. Almost everyone who was a member at one tome or another played on this album. Same can be said of the producers. Other than all the calamities, I really don't have much of opinion on this release since by this time of the 90's, my interest begins to dramatically change to my newfound music: OLDIES. Yes, I now begin to like the oldies. I will tell you more on the next album - "Talk".

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