Album Name -  Time And A Word

Produced by:  Tony Colton
Label:  Atlantic Recording Corporation -1970
Catalog # - SD8273

Bill Bruford- drums & vides
Tony Kaye- organ & piano
Peter Banks- guitar & vocals
Chris Squire- bass & vocals
Jon Anderson- lead singer & incidental percussion

side one side two
No Opportunity Necessary,
No Experience Needed
- [4:47]
The Prophet - [6:32]
Then - [5:42] Clear Days - [2:04]
Everydays - [6:06] Astral Traveller - [5:50]
Sweet Dreams - [3:48] Time And A Word - [4:31]

Missing MIDI songs: All songs from are missing - *note* (Astral Traveller is a partial recording)

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Thanks For Visiting And Be Sure To Tell All Your Friends. This is Yes's second album. Though it is in comparable to the first, more of the songs on this album are originals. I enjoyed this album much more than the first because it is this album starts to use the distinct keyboards sound more and more. Yes is probally the first major rock band to impliment keyboards as one of the featured instruments. Before Yes, almost every band simply used the keyboards as a filler or background to help enhance their own music; exception - "The Doors".

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