Album Name -  Relayer

Produced by:  Eddie Offord & Yes
Label:  Atlantic Recording Corporation - 1974
Catalog # - SD18122

Jon Anderson- lead vocals
Chris Squire- bass guitar & vocals
Steve Howe- electric & acoustic guitar, vocals
Patrick Moraz- keyboards
Alan White- drums & percussion

side one side two
The Gates Of Delerium - [21:55]
Soon (ending part)
Sound Chaser - [9:25]
To Be Over - [9:08]

The Entire Cover Artwork on "Relayer"

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Thanks For Visiting And Be Sure To Tell All Your Friends. The album Relayer makes me feel like I am visiting the planet Saturn. That is what I used to feel when I was a kid. Just looking at all that ice and all made me feel like this place Yes is writing about is very far away. Tell me what you think?

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