Album Name -  Open Your Eyes

Produced by:  Yes
Label:  Beyond Music - 1997
Catalog # - BYCD3074

Jon Anderson- lead vocals
Chris Squire- bass & vocals
Steve Howe- guitars and vocals
Billy Sherwood- guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals
Alan White- drums & percussion

Additional Musicians:
Steve Porcaro- keyboards (track 2)
Igor "Ivan" Khoroshev- keyboards (tracks 1,4 & 5)

1. New State Of Mind - [6:00]
2. Open Your Eyes - [5:14]
3. Universal Garden - [6:16]
4. No Way To Lose - [4:56]
5. Fortune Seller - [5:00]
6. Man In The Moon - [4:41]
7. Wonderlove - [6:06]
8. From The Balcony - [2:43]
9. Loveshine - [4:37]
10. Somehow Someday - [4:47]
11. The Solution - [5:25]

Missing MIDI songs: All songs except "New State Of Mind",
"Man In The Moon" and "From The Balcony"

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