Album Name -  Fragile

Produced by:  Eddie Offord & Yes
Label:  Atlantic Recording Corporation - 1972
Catalog # - SD7211

Jon Anderson- lead vocals
Chris Squire- bass guitar & vocals
Steve Howe- electric & acoustic guitar, vocals
Bill Bruford- drums & percussion
Rick Wakeman- grand piano (electric piano and harpsichord)
mellotron, synthesizer.

side one side two
Roundabout - [8:29] Five Per Cent For Nothing - [0:35]
Cans and Brahms - [1:35]
(arranged by Rick Wakeman)
- excerpts from Brahms' 4th Symphony in E minor Third Movement
Long Distance Runaround - [3:33]
We Have Heaven - [1:30] The Fish [Schindleria Praematurus] - [2:53]
South Side Of The Sky - [8:04] Mood For A Day - [2:57]
(Steve Howe solo)
Heart Of The Sunrise - [10:34]

Fragile Back Cover

Rick Wakeman Playing So Many Keyboards

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Thanks For Visiting And Be Sure To Tell All Your Friends. Fragile was released in 1972 with the one and only Rick Wakeman playing piano, organ, synthesizer and others usually all at the same time. Just looking at the setup of Wakeman and the way he played, you must wonder How he does it? To me, he is the greatest Rock 'N Roll organ player of all-time. I included a picture below from the pictures included as an insert magazine with the Fragile vinyl LP. Again, please enjoy the MIDI's on this great masterpiece.

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