Album Name -  Big Generator

Produced by:  Yes, Trevor Rabin,
Paul DeVilliers and Trevor Rabin

Label:  ATCO Records - 1987
Catalog # - 90522-1

Jon Anderson- lead vocals
Chris Squire- bass guitar & backing vocals
Trevor Rabin- guitar, keyboards and backing vocals
Tony Kaye- keyboards
Alan White- drums & percussion

side one side two
Rhythm Of Love - [4:49] Love Will Find The Way - [4:48]
Big Generator - [4:31] Final Eyes - [6:20]
Shoot High Aim Low - [6:59] I'm Running - [7:34]
Almost Like Love - [4:58] Holy Lamb - [3:15]
(Song For Harmonic Convergence)

Missing MIDI songs: "Final Eyes"

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Thanks For Visiting And Be Sure To Tell All Your Friends. Big Generator like 90125 has the new sounds of Yes and the commercial sounds of the 80s too. This really was the last major release of Yes as the band name. You now see that the members of the band have many differences between each other. This fact is shown by the amount of time between Big Generator and 90125. Big Generator has some big hits: including "Rhythm Of Love" and "Love Will Find A Way", but this new sound of Yes is growing old fast. The old Yes is still the best.

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