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Listed below is the list of authors who created the MIDI files listed here at my "Yes" site. One MIDI song may take up to a week or longer to create in some cases. That can be said especially of Yes, since many songs run up to or even beyond 10 minutes. Please feel free to visit each authors' webpage by clicking on the artist's name and to view his/her MIDI songs, simply click on the other mentioned link (URL).

MIDI Songs Created By Dr. Kerenyi

Eddie Lee's Yes Music
MIDI Songs Created By Eddie K. Lee

MIDI Songs Created By Pierre Page

MIDI Songs Created By Dany Page

Gary's MIDI Jukebox
MIDI Songs Created By Gary Tepel

MIDI Songs Created By Snorre Valen

All Other MIDI Artists

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Thanks For Visiting And Be Sure To Tell All Your Friends. I fell in love with Yes somewhere in the late 70's. I guess I really admired John Anderson's voice and the way Rick Wakeman played the keyboards. Of course the artwork by Mr. Roger Dean helped to influence me too. Yes really stood up for the environment when all the problems of industry came in the forefront in the 70s. I worked for Fairless Steel Works in the late 80s into the 90s and I saw first hand how big corporations run their operations. Though, most of the time USX was careful, we did have a some major incidents with chemical dumping into the Delaware. I remember especially the accidental dumping of some 9 1/2 hours of Chromic Acid which was completely the fault of one of the operators in the Oil Recovery Area. The artwork of Roger Dean puts a lot of emphesis on the world we live in and a fantasy world. As you click through the albums, you will see all the original works of this great artist. Maybe you too, will fall in love Yes too if you already don't have the passion. Yes is progressive rock music for the ages and they are definitely different from anyone now and forever.....

Greatest Original Oldies Music Ever Of All-Time