Album Name -  90125

Produced by:  Trevor Rabin
"Hold On" Produced by:  Trevor Rabin and Yes
Label:  ATCO Records - 1983
Catalog # - 90125-1

Jon Anderson- lead vocals
Chris Squire- bass guitar & vocals
Trevor Rabin- guitar, keyboards and vocals
Tony Kaye- keyboard
Alan White- drums & percussion

side one side two
Owner Of A Lonely Heart - [4:27] Cinema - [2:09]
Hold On - [5:15] Leave It - [4:22]
It Can Happen - [5:39] Our Song - [4:16]
Changes - [6:16] City Of Love - [4:48]
Hearts - [7:34]

Missing MIDI songs: "City Of Love"

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Thanks For Visiting And Be Sure To Tell All Your Friends. 90125 is the new Yes. It was a smash hit for the world in 1983. "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" became the groups' first #1 song ever. There are big hits which I remember hearing over and over on WMMR - especially: "It Can Happen", "Changes", "Our Song" and "Hearts". Well, anyway this was by far their biggest selling record of all-time. Enjoy the sound of the 80s with Yes leading the way with 90125.

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