Album Name -  Asia

Produced by:  Mike Stone
Label:  Geffen Records - 1982
Catalog # - GHS 2008

Geoffrey Downes- Keyboards and Vocals
Steve Howe- Guitars and Vocals
Carl Palmer- Drums and Percussion
John Wetton- Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar

side one side two
Heat Of The Moment - [3:50] Wildest Dreams - [5:10]
Only Time Will Tell - [4:44] Without You - [5:04]
Soul Survivor - [4:48] Cutting It Fine - [5:35]
One Step Closer - [4:16] Here Comes The Feeling - [5:42]
Time Again - [4:45]

Missing MIDI songs: All songs from side two; and "One Step Closer" from side one.

ASIA's Other Colorful Artwork
From Top Left Going Clockwise: Asia's Albums are:
ALPHA (1983), ASTRA (1985), THEN & NOW (1990), AQUA (1992),
ARIA (1994) and ARENA (1996)

Other Great MIDI Songs from the ASIA collection:
Don't Cry
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
Eve Of Destruction

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Thanks For Visiting And Be Sure To Tell All Your Friends. I decided at the last moment to include this, "ASIA's First Record". Asia debuted in 1982 after Yes's last studio release of Drama. As you Drama was the last release of the old "Classic Yes". Drama also was void of Jon Anderson; the first and last time this would ever happen. Asia was formed by: John Wetton and Trevor Rabin along with Steve Howe playing guitar. Originally, Rick Wakeman was slotted to play keyboards, but it never materialized. Instead, Geoffrey Downes became the man on keyboards. the same could be said of Alan White on drums, but Carl Palmer from ELP ultimately became the drummer. Asia was an instant smash with their first release including mega hits: "Heat Of The Moment", "Only Time Will Tell" and "Time Again". But I can remember that WMMR played every song on this album all the time except for "Without You" and "Cutting It Fine". Their second album, "Alpha" did well, but not as the highly known initial release. They did go on to release more studio albums and a couple of live ones too. Though, there are not many MIDI's available today, I was able to locate at least 3 from the first and their hit song from Alpha called, "Don't Cry". If you locate any missing MIDI songs, especially from the debut album, please let me know. Now, enjoy the added sounds of Asia...

Please just Click On The Mailbox and write me a little note on what you think. Also, I am missing all MIDI's from this first album and you could help me find them by simply letting me know where they are located and please include the link(URL) where I can download them. Thank You Again:)

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